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January 2021 - tbc

The Stepmother by Githa Sowerby

Our March production THE STEPMOTHER by Githa Sowerby is set in the year 1924, immediately post-WW1, when women over 30 were newly enfranchised. Family life in leafy Surrey could conceal some dark secrets and a wife with both a step-family and a career could in fact be imprisoned by her own success. This terrific play, written by a young suffragist woman, came to light after 70 hidden years and was recently produced at The Minerva Theatre by Richard Eyre. All the roles are beautifully written, six female and four male. There are several excellent roles, including two girls aged 7 and 9. The two outstanding principals are a woman (believably) aged 29 and a man in his 40s/50s. Director: Rosemary Nice

Following  very successful auditions, THE STEPMOTHER is now fully cast.

Thanks to all who attended.

June 2021 - tbc

The Mysteries by Tony Harrison

As part of the 1250th anniversary celebrations for St Peter's Church, Revd Paul has invited Henfield Theatre Company to present a production in the church. Part of the Mystery Play cycles has been chosen. These were largely performed by the ‘ministeries’ or guilds in York, Chester, Coventry and Wakefield in the Middle Ages. This version has been adapted by Tony Harrison in 1985, was performed at the Cottesloe Theatre, televised on Channel 4 and is now available on YouTube.

The Play  Part 1 of the trilogy of plays covers the Fall of Satan, the Creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, and Abraham and Isaac; the second half leaps forward to the Nativity and includes the comic Second Shepherd's Play which originates from Wakefield.

The “Company”    NB We are not using Yorkshire accents

GOD  Any age, Male or Female (M or F), must have a commanding presence

SATAN  Any age, M or F




All other parts will be doubled:

CAIN and ABEL  Youngish, M   NOAH and WIFE older COMIC roles M/F

ABRAHAM  Older M  SON A boy (12+) M   Both roles possibly doubled with:

HEROD ‘Baddie' M, double act with SON A boy (12+)

SHEPHERDS 3, (one young) M or F COMIC roles – stereotypical West Country

MAK and GILL Husband and wife COMIC roles – stereotypical West Country


The Music  There will be an ‘itinerant' BAND, the whole COMPANY will sing, with some more challenging part-singing for ANGELS

The Auditions  All AUDITION material is available HERE.

  Auditions take place Tuesday 11 Feb at 7.30 and Sunday 16 Feb at 2.30 at the Henfield Hall and are open to EVERYONE

The Rehearsals  Rehearsals are Mondays and Thursdays at 7.30. No one will be required at all rehearsals

The Performances  JUNE 2021 (tbc) at 7.30 in St Peter's Church

Please contact Jane Haines ( for any further information.