Costume Hire

HTC has an extensive wardrobe. Members of the Company and other performance groups can hire single items or the majority of costumes for an entire production.

Below are some examples of what is available:

Period costumes

We can supply a selection of Tudor, Reformation, Victorian and Edwardian costumes

Entire Shows

We have many complete sets of costumes available for popular shows including Oliver, Aladin etc

Ensembles and Chorus

There are many matching costumes available to suit ensembles and chorus parts including blazers and swimsuits

Special costumes

Dames, Fur coats, uniforms

Vintage clothes

60’s and 70s


Coats, suits, skirts trousers, shirts and blouses

Formal clothes

Evening dresses, tail coats, Dinner Jackets


Hats, Bags, boots and shoes

Complete the following form to enquire about costume hire and we will get back to you with pricing and availability:

Costume Hire
Costume Hire