The Henfield Theatre Company - is an amateur dramatic company based in Henfield, West Sussex.

We present four or five productions each year including plays, musicals and pantomimes at The Henfield Hall, and in alternate years, an open-air production  in one of the charming gardens in or around the village.

Henfield Hall

The Henfield Hall - home of the Henfield Theatre Company, is an attractive venue ideally suited to all kinds of theatrical productions.

The main hall itself can seat upward of 200 people with the option of six rows of tiered raised seating.
The stage lends itself to ambitious set design and has a frontal extension if required.

HTC is managed through its committees which play a vital role in making it the club that its members want it to be.  Please consider joining one of the committees or working groups as we can only exist if members take turns in getting involved.  If you would like to discuss any aspect of the committee and working group activities please contact an existing member or have a chat with our HTC chairman.  The following is a summary of the current committees and working groups.  We would very much like to re-establish the Social Working Group (in charge of fun!) so we would especially like to hear from anyone who would get involved in that area.

Executive Committee - oversees all of HTC's activities

Marketing and Publicity Committee - organises advance publicity for shows and manages HTC's website

Artistic, Music and Planning Committee - considers a range of plays and musicals, in order to plan future programmes

Social Working Group - arranges social events for members and prospective members

Workshop Working Group - designs and builds sets

Costumes Working Group - designs and creates costumes for production

Props Working Group - procures and / or makes props

We also have an individual representative on The Henfield Hall Management Committee.