Full Circle

FULL CIRCLE by Janet Shaw - Extracts from the NODA review by Dee Sharpe

"Full Circle is a comedy-drama by Janet Shaw exploring the cracks and issues that can appear in a family during events where they can’t avoid issues or each other; in this case a family wedding".
"The bride’s grandmothers were once best friends but have not spoken since 1969. When they do meet, they are rude, sarcastic and downright nasty to each other.  Brian (Mark Laurie) and Linda (Tracey Bates), their son/son in law, daughter/daughter in law, are getting fed up with the situation, especially as nobody knows why their respective mothers dislike each other so much".
"The play is about communication, or rather the lack of it, what really matters in life and the damaging effect of long held secrets"."The set was good and had a relaxed family home environment with lots of detail such as a lovely trellis, a conservatory, French windows as well as the usual furnishings.
I also thought the costumes were well thought out I loved Will’s outfits and Nicola’s onesie".
"Nige Atkinson was perfect as Wills generating lots of laughter and positively lifting the show with every entrance"......"and there was some fabulous acting in the last scene especially Liz Gibson as Dee and Lesley Barnes as Millie".   

"It was enjoyable and funny with an upbeat ending and the cast have plenty of moments to be proud of".