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Anne of Green Gables - the musical

to be performed in The Henfield Hall

4, 5, 6. January 2018 at 7.30 pm

and a matinée on Saturday at 2pm

Director and Choreographer - Lesley Barnes

Musical Director Jane Haines

Anne Of Green Gables: The Musical is a musical based on the novel Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The book is by Don Harron, the music is by Norman Campbell and the lyrics by Don Harron, Norman Campbell, Elaine Campbell and Mavor Moore. The musical has been performed continuously ever since 1965, making it Canada's longest-running musical.

In March 2014, the production was officially recognized as the longest running annual musical theatre production in the world by Guinness World Records.

Gordon Harris in his NODA review of ‘Oh What a Lovely War’ said

“Good luck to your forthcoming production of Anne of Green Gables, one of my personal favourite musicals. “

Sing throughs: Sunday 3 September at 2.30pm Free Church Hall

                     Monday 4 September at 7.30pm Henfield Hall

Auditions:        Thursday 7 September at 7.30pm Henfield Hall

                      Sunday 10 September at 2.30pm Henfield Hall

Audition pieces can be obtained by contacting:

 Lesley Barnes 01273 492076 lesley39barnes@yahoo.co.uk

 Jane Haines 01273 494007 j.ehaines@btinternet.com

Character breakdown

MARILLA (alto)  50/60  Straight-laced, unbends gradually towards Anne. Devoted to her brother but can’t tell him.   Range G, to E’

RACHEL LYNDE   50/60   Marilla’s closest friend. Rather inclined to see the black side of things. Loyal friend to Marilla. Leader of the “Ladies Aid”.   Range G, to E’

MRS BARRY   40/50   Mother of Diana. Socially, a bit  above the others.  Range A, to C’

MRS PYE  40s  Mother of Josie and Gertie.  Nose put out of joint as Anne becomes more popular than Josie. starts the rumour about Anne injuring Gilbert.   Range G, to B

MRS McPHERSON  40s  mother of Moody. Friend of  Mrs Pye.    Range B flat to C’

MRS SLOANE  40s  Mother of Tommy.  Range D to F’

MRS BLEWETT  Harassed mother of eight. One big scene plus ensemble work. Range E to C’

MRS SPENCER  Any age.  Brings the wrong orphan. Speaking part but sings in the ensemble pieces.

LUCILLA  Any age..The store clerk. Flirtatious. One big scene plus ensembles.  Range B flat to F’

MISS STACEY   Any age.  The new schoolmistress. Enthusiastic. Doesn’t appear until second act but then very involved.  Range B flat to D’

MATTHEW   Has a weak heart. Finds Anne brings light into his rather dull life. .Not very articulate except with Anne   Range A, to D’

CECIL   Mailman  and EARL  Farmer.  These two, who can be any age, work together and appear in several scenes  as well as the ensembles.   

Range D to D’

MINISTER  Any age. Speaking part in two scenes as well as the ensembles.

MR PHILLIPS  Schoolmaster – ineffectual. Speaking part.

STATIONMASTER  One scene (spoken) with Matthew near the beginning  then averse in a song towards the end. Would probably be in the Act I finale ensemble.  Range D to E’

REV SMYTH-HANKINSON  Cameo  (spoken) in 1st scene.

ANNE SHIRLEY  About 16 or must be able to look 16.  Bright, inquisitive, fanciful, but has a temper. Love-hate relationship with Gilbert.   

Range B, to F’

DIANA BARRY     Same age as Anne.  More sensible. Anne’s best friend. Becomes drunk on Marilla’s currant wine.   Range C to D’

JOSIE PYE  Same age as Anne. Jealous as she fancies Gilbert. Tries to get Anne into trouble but is reconciled at the end.   Range G, to D’

RUBY, GERTIE, TILLY.  These are younger girls – perhaps about 10 or 11. Tilly is the youngest (or smallest) and accident prone.  Range G, to E’

GILBERT BLYTHE    Similar age to Anne who he is intrigued by from the beginning. However, his teasing antagonises her but he wants to be her friend (and perhaps more).   Range B flat to F’

CHARLIE SLOANE   Similar age to Gilbert, his friend.   Range G, to E’


The Music

For examples of the music see the following:

Gee I’m glad I’m no-one else but me - click here

Wond’rin - click here

Ice cream - click here