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Billy Liar

by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall

to be performed in The Henfield Hall

19 - 21 October 2017 at 7.45pm

Directed by Ann Atkins

Billy Liar is a 1959 novel by Keith Waterhouse, which was later adapted into a play, a film, a musical and a TV series.

The semi-comical story is about William Fisher, a working-class young man living with his parents in the fictional town of Stradhoughton in Yorkshire. Bored by his job as a lowly clerk in an undertaker’s office, Billy spends his time indulging in fantasies



Following auditions the following people were cast:

Florence Boothroyd     Mary Matson

Geoffrey Fisher      Nigel Atkinson

Alice Fisher       Helen Fyles

Billy Fisher       Milo Gardiner

Arthur Crabtree      George Booker

Barbara       Alice Rogers

Rita        Karinn Grierson    

 Liz        Lucy Walker

Billy Liar